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Here are some common questions about the process.

What if I have some horn ideas but I need them arranged?

You can call for a consultation and we can decide how to proceed.

We will work together to make them sound great!


When I download the parts, how do I line them up in my song?

When you send us an mp3 to record the horn parts along with,

make sure it’s bounced or converted directly from your recording

software from the start point of the song.


How do I make sure the horn section parts are to my satisfaction?

After we agree on arrangements, etc., we will start the recording process.

We are professionals and we will make sure the performances are the best they can be!

How much will it cost me? 

Contact us for prices. We do give a significant price reduction for bulk orders.

We also have great packages for songwriters.


How do I pay?

Once the fee is agreed upon, you pay half up front and the other half when the arrangements are done to your satisfaction. Paypal is the preferred method as it is free, secure, easy, and fast. You can also send a money order or cashier’s check.


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